Sunday, June 22, 2008

How To Use Different Haircolors?

Haircolors are chemicals that can change the color of hair. Haircoloring can be of two types permanent and temporary. [1] Permanent haircolors give color to your hair for longer duration. While some colors when applied give beautiful color and can be washed away easily, they are temporary haircolors.

People use hair dyes or haircolors all over the world and change their haircolors permanently from ash to golden and brown to reddish etc. Haircoloring is an art and requires complete knowledge about natural haircolors as well as about the color that you are going to use. [2]

Tips To Dye Hairs:

Here are some tips that helps you to dye your hair with your require haircolors with perfection.

1. Before starting hair dying first of all select the haircolor according to your natural haircolor, eye color and skin tone. Because improper selection leads to great disaster to your beauty that sometimes experienced by people.
2. Apply conditioner a day before hair dying.
3. Before coloring, make partition of hair into 1/4 to 1/2 inch in width according to their density, so that they can be easily handled.
4. Apply the selected haircolors from 1 inch far from scalp till the ends to give even tone of color throughout the hair length because hair near to scalp area gets more color as compare to hair ends due to body heat. [3]

These all tips can be very useful when applying haircolor of any brand and tone.



Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why Should We Use HairColors?

Haircolors provides an effective way to enhance your beauty and gives you a gorgeous, good looking and stunning look. Healthy, shiny and lustrous hair is the most fundamental part of your beauty. You can change your appearance by styling and dyeing your hairs by using different haircolors. This is the right way to adopt a fresh and new look and also to boost your self-confidence. Haircolors also enhances your facial appearance and helps you in providing a dramatic look.
You can cover your gray hair by using certain top quality hair products that are available in different combination of haircolors and conditioners. Haircolors products are available in different shades like blonde, brown, grey, red, copper and golden. It is very important to choose a right haircolor, according to your skin tone that suits and accolade you. Be careful while selecting a haircolor, it should be close to your natural haircolor. The right selection of haircolor gives a dazzling look to your personality.
A different and diverse haircolor will make you the flattering and admiring celebrity!!!

Categories Of Hair Colors

Ash Hair Color

Herbatint Ash Blonde 7C

Herbatint Ash Chestnut 4C

Herbatint Ash Swedish Blonde 10C

Herbatint Dark Ash Blonde 6C

Herbatint Light Ash Blonde 8C

Herbatint Light Ash Chestnut 5C

Copper Hair Color

Herbatint Copper Blonde 7R

Herbatint Copper Chestnut 4R

Herbatint Copper Chestnut 5R

Herbatint Light Copper Blonde 8R

Golden Hair Color

Herbatint Dark Golden Blonde 6D

Herbatint Golden Blonde 7D

Herbatint Golden Chestnut 4D

Herbatint Light Golden Blonde 8D

Herbatint Light Golden Chestnut 5D

Mahogany Hair Color

Herbatint Light Mahogany Chestnut 5M

Herbatint Mahogany Blonde 7M

Herbatint Mahogany Chestnut 4M

Natural Hair Color

Herbatint Natural Black 1N

Herbatint Natural Blonde 7N

Herbatint Natural Brown 2N

Herbatint Natural Chestnut 4N

Herbatint Natural Dark Blonde 6N

Herbatint Natural Dark Chestnut 3N

Herbatint Natural Honey Blonde 9N

Herbatint Natural Light Blonde 8N

Herbatint Natural Light Chestnut 5N

Herbatint Natural Platinum Blonde 10N

Give Yourself a Stunning Look by Using Hair Colors (Haircolors)

The most essential and important part of beauty is healthy and attractive hairs, and everyone gets conscious when it comes to hair and particularly hair color ( haircolor). Coloring the hairs with different hair colors (haircolors) is now becomes a fashion and there are various methods to color your hairs stylishly and elegantly.
Different hair colors (haircolors) and hair color (haircolor) products are available in the market including conditioners, combination of hair color (haircolor) and conditioner, hair color (haircolor) of different shades like copper, blonde, grey, golden and etc.
Now, the question arises how to pick right hair color (haircolor) for you? The answer is very simple. Coloring your hair with hair colors (haircolors) is not a science, you just have to select a hair color (haircolor) or a combination of two or more hair colors (haircolors) which compliment your skin tone. You can pick best hair color (haircolor) for you among the light and dark shades of blonde, brown, grey, red, copper and golden.
Give yourself funky, attractive, gorgeous, stylish or dazzling look by coloring your hair with right hair color!
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